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MEATBALLS are a chef's best friend: fun to spend time with, easy to influence, and they don't mind sharing the limelight with color & flair



LET US INTRODUCE YOU to the Everyday Meatball! and a range of green accents to make eating protein tasty and fun. 




  • meat pounder
  • avocado slicer
  • dressing jar
  • sectioned plate
  • dried parsley
  • spice blend
  • information cards
  • refrigerator magnet



PAY $75 NOW to order your Go Green Chez Bones Box. Get ready to have more fun with food!



    on SUNDAY MARCH 3rd

    to receive your box by St. Patrick's Day.


    !go green

  • We're pleased to bring you into our Chez Bones family.


    * Join our Facebook community and see how people have fun with all the great stuff tucked inside of each Chez Bones Box.


    * Tell us about yourself! Include a note when you check out. We can't wait to get to know you.

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