EGGS are a nature's wonder food



LET US INTRODUCE YOU to soup that's as fun to eat as it is to make. We take the information you share about yourself and design a box for you. We curate tools and outline step-by-step instructions so you can GET YOUR BOX and have more fun with food.


  • As soon as you click "place order" we start building your box. 


  • The moment we mail your box, we send a notification email and include a photo of your "Shop the Market" grocery list.


  • When your box arrives, unwrap the fun! Select the items you wish to keep.


  • Within 3 days, return the items you do not wish to keep in the enclosed postage paid package. 


  • Tucked inside your box you will find a packing slip outlining the cost of each item. Your $25 activation fee will be applied as a credit to whatever you choose to keep.




PAY $25 NOW to activate the creation of your personalized Chez Bones Box. Get ready to have more fun with food!

EAT HAPPY! Game Hens Unite

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    on SUNDAY April 7

    to receive your box by Easter.

  • We're pleased to bring you into our Chez Bones family.


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Clinical Coordinator

ARCADIA THERAPY SERVICES is a group of 25 physical, occupational and speech therapists who train hard to provide programs that change the lives of kids and teens with developmental disabilities. 


We have been assisting Arizona families with passion and purpose since 1999. Therapy visits are covered through DDD (the Division of Developmental Disabilities) and private pay. We address challenges that result from diagnoses of autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and cognitive disability.

We meet families where real life happens! We typically begin with in-home sessions, to address issues that occur within daily life routines. We then expand outward, to community settings that enable us to help kids grow in countless cool and unexpected ways.


We are best known for Impossible Dreams, and our innovative work with kids who struggle with food.

  •  Individual Sessions

  •  Social Groups

  •  Feeding Therapy

  •  Work Skills

  •  Parent Coaching

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Phoenix, Arizona 85002

  • San Diego, California

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • Austin, Texas

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