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EGGS are a nature's wonder food



LET US INTRODUCE YOU to soup that's as fun to eat as it is to make. We take the information you share about yourself and design a box for you. We curate tools and outline step-by-step instructions so you can GET YOUR BOX and have more fun with food.


  • As soon as you click "place order" we start building your box. 


  • The moment we mail your box, we send a notification email and include a photo of your "Shop the Market" grocery list.


  • When your box arrives, unwrap the fun! Select the items you wish to keep.


  • Within 3 days, return the items you do not wish to keep in the enclosed postage paid package. 


  • Tucked inside your box you will find a packing slip outlining the cost of each item. Your $25 activation fee will be applied as a credit to whatever you choose to keep.




PAY $25 NOW to activate the creation of your personalized Chez Bones Box. Get ready to have more fun with food!

EAT HAPPY! Game Hens Unite


    on SUNDAY April 7

    to receive your box by Easter.

  • We're pleased to bring you into our Chez Bones family.


    * Join our Facebook community and see how people have fun with all the great stuff tucked inside of each Chez Bones Box.


    * Tell us about yourself! Include a note when you check out. We can't wait to get to know you.

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