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We think deeply about our families' needs, and create programs that empower lasting change. 


Our therapies honor the fact that life at home with mom, dad, siblings and pets is how real learning happens.


We strive for brilliant and easy-to-try ideas! We assess our impact with an honest eye and open mind.

our secret for achieving major outcomes
we come to your home, to assist with daily life routines
we consider community opportunities, to help your child stretch and grow

We meet at bookstores and parks to help kids learn to focus and have fun.

brave cuisine

We inspire kids to taste new foods.

impossible dreams

We help your child develop the attitudes and skills needed to do great work one day.

Let us help you help your child overcome big life obstacles

and achieve amazing things

Parents Say...


Therapists Say...


Because of the dogs, my daughter is coming out of her shell and is learning to use her words.

Having therapy with the dogs doesn't seem like therapy at all. The dogs are always welcoming to the kids and open them socially and emotionally in ways people can't.

Sebastian's fear of dogs is very tough for him but with Arcadia's help, support and encouragement, he overcomes his fears.


My name is Xavier. I feel more confident after working with the dogs. I am now a Junior Dog Trainer. My favorite dog is Rebel. I love dogs!

My name is Chase. I like playing games with the dogs. My favorite is throwing and kicking a ball to them.

My name is Gabriel. Radford is by far my favorite dog. His jump rope trick blows me away!


Children's faces light up as they play with the dogs alongside their peers. What a delight to see them succeed! The dogs motivate kids to try new foods, follow complex directions, and repeat words until they are understood. Kids will wait in line, win and lose, toss, catch, kick and run...all so they can engage with these crazy great dogs!

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